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Whether it is through private lessons, tutoring, or marching arts services, my students can choose the best way to improve their skills in a variety of formats. It is my goal in each of these endeavors for my students to exhibit a love of music and its community, excellence in musical achievement, and sustainable growth as a lifelong musician and confident individual!







Private lessons are one of the most efficient ways to get better on an instrument, and hone your musical skills. In private lessons, instruction is tailored to each student's interests, strengths, and weaknesses to aid in creating a focused path to progress on the clarinet!

One-on-one music theory tutoring can greatly improve achievement in music theory classes. A greater understanding of music theory also helps students with their approach to music on any instrument!

Specialized instruction through masterclasses, workshops, camps, and more on the topic of marching conducting and leadership is essential to developing important skills as a member in the marching arts! As an instructor with Drum Major Leadership Academy, I can teach students directly, or connect them to a plethora of free and curated resources provided by DMLA's experienced instructional team and their frequent events.

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Clarinet private lessons are the best way to make detailed assessments about each student and their progress on the instrument. In lessons, instruction can include the following based on the goals and level of each individual student:

  • Development of beginner clarinet concepts and corresponding exercises

  • Advice and consultation on clarinet equipment and maintenance

  • Discussion of condensed music theory concepts in reference to clarinet playing

  • Guidance through various warmups to improve tone, technique, articulation, and more

  • Work on how to practice and learn clarinet etudes

  • Work on how to practice and learn clarinet solo repertoire

  • Work on how to practice and learn clarinet parts in wind band or orchestral pieces

Clarinet private lessons are offered virtually in half hour and hour slots as one-time occurrences or as regular weekly instruction. Students and their parents are encouraged to pick the lesson length and regularity that works best for them. However, it is important to note that private lessons are the most efficient as regular weekly 1-hour meetings.

Students who register for regular weekly lessons are also invited to a monthly "Clarinet Studio Class" where all of my regular students may meet virtually to attend lectures on important clarinet topics and have the opportunity to perform repertoire for one another. This is highly encouraged for all students interested in lessons. Each Studio Class may range from 1-2 hours of instruction and is included for all regular students.

It is an absolute joy to help students grow on the clarinet through private instruction! If you are looking for the detailed assessment and help that is crucial to improving on the clarinet, register below.

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Music theory tutoring sessions are a great way to get extra help for understanding complex theory and aural skills concepts. In tutoring sessions, instruction can include the following based on the goals and level of each individual student:

  • Introduction to music theory through important basic concepts​​

  • Help with studying for music theory tests/exams (including the AP Music Theory Exam offered at the high school level)

  • Help with understanding content in Music Theory I and Music Theory II classes offered at the college level

  • Practice in developing essential aural skills necessary in understanding theory concepts

  • Advice on further resources for efficient practice and application of music theory and aural skills

Music theory tutoring sessions are offered virtually in half hour and hour slots as one-time occurrences or as regular weekly instruction. Students are encouraged to pick the session length and regularity that works best for them and their goals.

I firmly believe that improvement as an overall musician is heavily dependent on a student's understanding of music theory. If you are looking for one-on-one help to secure and grow your music theory skills, register below!

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Extracurricular training in marching conducting and leadership skills can greatly enrich a student's knowledge and experience in the marching arts. Students of all kinds of marching backgrounds can find a vast variety of resources and events offered by Drum Major Leadership Academy to help reach their individual goals.​

Through DMLA, I provide conducting and leadership private lessons for those looking to have individual assessment on their marching leadership skills. Additionally, I also help host and teach at our various events, which include specialized masterclasses, drum major workshops, leadership camps, national competitions, and more! DMLA also provides various high quality free resources for all those interested in becoming a better leader in the marching arts and beyond.

In standing by Drum Major Leadership Academy's mission and core values, I highly encourage any and all marching arts students to learn from our passionate instructors and events! Click below to visit

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